10 top rated body fat scales

eatsmart precision getfit digital body fat scale

The most accurate body fat scales tell you a lot more than just your weight

Scales that measure your weight are fine as long as you only care about your body mass. But there’s a lot more the scales can tell about your weight than just how many pounds you see on your bathtub scale.

For example, do you know how much fat and how much muscle you lose? Losing weight is not a triumph if you reduce muscle mass and keep your fat percentage constant. But you can get help!

The body fat scale can tell when the weight you are losing comes from your fat stores and when from your muscle mass. The more precise body fat scales can provide even more detailed results, such as the percentage of water weight in the body.

This article will help you find the best body fat scales for the best price. As soon as you push away the outdated “pound-only” bath scales, you begin to understand your body composition. In doing so, you will soon find that a good body fat scale is an essential part of your health and fitness goals.

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We compiled the list of the top rated body fat scales based on user ratings and comments. The list consists of properties for each scale and an overview of the product. This classification should help to make the best decision.

10-most accurate-body-fat-measuring scales

What is a body-fat-measuring scale?

Most scales that can be seen in the doctor’s office, gym, or home tell you how much you weigh and not much else. That’s fine – it doesn’t hurt to know how much you weigh. But it’s actually only part of the story. The body fat scales measure the amount of fat using the weak electrical current that runs through your body. Fat conducts electricity better than muscle because it has more water in it. The scales quantify and measure fat exposure by the level of resistance to this weak electrical signal.

But not all body fat scales are created equal! Many of them are less than reliable and can give two different readings. This depends on the weather or body moisture. You can buy a body fat scale and then regret that decision by having to bring it back.

Top 10-body-fat-measuring scales

10. Taylor Precision Products Body Fat and Body Water Scale

taylor precision products glass calmax

Taylor Body Fat and Water Scale

This body fat scale gets a lot of points for good looks. If your bathroom is made of clean glass and stainless steel, then these scales are a serious contender. It has a status indicator that compares your body fat percentage with the general population. The digital display is large and easy to read (almost two inches in high). Like many other body fat scales, the Taylor has a tempered glass with a 440 pound capacity. But it delivers the measurements in 0.2 pound steps. Taylor is a leading manufacturer of scales and other precision products.

The properties of this scale are:

  • slim glass and design made of steel
  • heavy construction
  • 200 kg capacity
  • preset configurations
  • several measurement metrics include weight, fat and body water

9.HAMSWAN CF376BLE smart personal scales


This scale has 3 modes and can save data from 10 different users. Made of glass and steel by Hamswan, these scales offer a number of features that will appeal to newbies and athletes.

The properties of this scale are:

  • extra large display with all measured values ​​that are all displayed at once
  • BIA technology can measure weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, BMI, BMR
  • Light blue illuminated LCD display
  • 180 kg scale capacity

8. GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale

gowise usa body fat scaleThis scale measures body fat, body water, body muscles, and body mass index using what are known as “new BIA technologies.” A quick search on the internet for “BIA technology” reveals that there is nothing particularly “new.” “About BIA Tech there. It stands for “bioelectrical impedance analysis,” and according to at least one source, it’s pretty much the way the body fat scale measures the fat in your body.

This procedure, which sends a weak electrical pulse through the body to test resistance, is basically how all of the scales on this list do their job. The Balance Digital Scale may use a new and improved BIA method, but what it can actually be is just a guess.

The properties of this scale are:

  • three huge options that make the condition simple
  • Functions like a clock when it is switched off
  • saves up to 8 different personal user profiles
  • extra large LCD display with blue backlight
  • extra thick hardened robust, non-slip and large platform
  • 4 stainless steel sensors

7. InnoBeta Fitfy body analyzer scale

innobeta fitfy koerperanalysewaage

InnoBeta Fitfy body analyzer scale

This body fat scale from InnoBeta measures your body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass – quite an impressive list of measurements, even by the high tech standards of the market today. The data storage in this scale offers unlimited space for users, more than enough for the whole family or for a gym. The InnoBeta body composition analyzer is a high quality instrument with impressive user reviews and all the features you would expect on a more expensive device.

The properties of this scale are:

  • All data is stored in the cloud, so you can easily and conveniently monitor your progress every week, month and even all year long
  • Measures up to 400 lbs and an exact display to the nearest 0.2 lbs available
  • 13 body composition analysis data
  • Also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and tablets with Android 4.3 or higher operating systems.

6. Ozeri Precision II

ozeri precision 2

Ozeri Precision II

This scale does not have a distinctive “look” that compliments modern bathroom design, which would be a major selling point for some people. But technically, the Ozeri offers the “latest generation of InstaOn sensor technology”, which is a faster version of the stand-by BIA technology and is used by practically all body fat scales. The electrical impulse that passes through the body and analyzes the dimensions is apparently only a little more advanced in this model. The Ozeri Precision II is very popular and well designed – it has a very good track record with users.

The properties of this scale are:

  • Clock function when it is switched off
  • Use of 4 latest generation of GX sensors
  • records weights up to 440 lbs
  • switches itself off automatically to save electricity
  • made of impact-resistant tempered glass
  • weight change detection technology

5. Omron full body analysis scales

omron ganzkoerperanalyse waage

Omron full body analysis scales

This scale is reportedly referred to as “a breakthrough home body composition measurement device” by Omron. The question of whether it is a breakthrough remains open. Omron justifies its statement with so-called “Full Body Sensor”, which uses 6 sensors, including two for the hands. Other brands on this list insist (weak pun) on the use of foot sensors. Hand sensors give the Omron full body scales a unique function that contributes to its accuracy.

The properties of this scale are:

  • measures 7 fitness indicators including body fat%, BMI, resting metabolism, weight and andaren
  • clinically proven accuracy as with expensive medical devices
  • saves personalized information for up to four people
  • also has guest mode
  • unique “hands and feet” sensors

4. Tanita BC-545

Tanita BC-545

Tanita makes the body fat measuring scales more than anyone on this list. It’s also no wonder their products appear high on this list. The Tanita BC-545 has some nice features that other brands lack. First and foremost, a sophisticated calorie intake analyzer that tells the user how many calories to consume to achieve their goals, as well as the comparison modes that would make work a little easier. The sleek design is another plus, but to be fair, there are other scales on this list that look more modern. But for a mixture of design and function, Tanita is hard to beat.

The properties of this scale are:

  • monitors both fat intake and calories for overall health and fitness goals
  • Adjustable for adults, children and athletes and saves data for 2 people
  • measures body fat in steps of 0.1 percentage points
  • 9 body analysis values ​​
  • compares readings based on the age and gender of the user

3. WiThings Wireless Scale

withings ws-50 smart body analyzer

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

The most advanced scale system on this list is the WiThings Wireless Scale, which takes all of the advantages of the digital age. These scales can well track and monitor your fat burning progress. This is a new way of measuring weight and fat, and it is likely to be used more often as more people begin to see the added benefits of everyday gadgets working with your body fat monitor.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are synchronized with WiThings scales, so measurements can be tracked in the free Withings Health Companion app. With this app you are free to set your goals and monitor your progress. While users have some room for improvement, this method appears to be a step into the future.

The properties of this scale are:

  • helps correctly position your body for a highly accurate measurement
  • uploads wirelessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • free Health Companion App + Compatible Apps
  • Multi-user support with automatic recognition works for everyone and recognizes every family member
  • completely without a PC, with one click the Wi-Fi configuration sharing is available
  • large, illuminated, easy-on-the-eye display
  • calibrated while you are away so that your weight is displayed as soon as you step on the scales
  • additional BMI (Body Mass Index) examination
  • upgradeable
  • free Withings.com account and the list of compatible apps
  • compatible with Withings blood pressure monitor

2. Ozeri ZB13 Touch digital body analyzer scale

ozeri zb13 touch digitale koerperanalysewaage

Ozeri ZB13 Touch digital body composition monitor

Ozeri’s Touch body fat measurement scales have some simple but appealing features that cannot be found in other scales and it also has the best user reviews. It uses the same BIA technology as the other scales use, but neither tries to sound like an entirely new, exotic feature. Instead, the Ozeri Touch 440-lb Digital Bath Scale has features such as “embedded StepOn technology”, which simply means that it turns on when you step on it.

A really simple idea, but one that makes a nice difference – if you want to step on the scales, you don’t feel like dealing with preset buttons and on / off switches. It also uses simple symbols that are clear and easy to understand. A slim, appealing design that cannot be as high as the modern gloss effect, but still gets along well with most bathroom decors.

The properties of this scale are:

    • automatically switches to

upon contact

  • three touch-sensitive buttons for easy operation
  • Symbols that automatically illuminate for body fat, moisture, bones and weight measurements
  • built-in memory for up to 8 user profiles
  • switches itself off automatically to save electricity
  • impact-resistant tempered glass that is four times stronger than normal glass

1. EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

In actual use, the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale is hard to beat. It shares the same characteristics as virtually every other scale on this list, but outperforms them all in their ratings. This is no mean feat when taking the number of reviews into account: There are a thousand good reviews for this product that not only reflect a reliable and user-friendly product, but also the presence of a company that supports its products and is only satisfied when the consumer is.

This is evidenced by the company’s “100% customer satisfaction policy”. It’s hard to find another company on this list, or anywhere else, that invites its customers “anytime” to a meeting or any complaint about their production. In the world of body fat scales, this policy is apparently very important – think of all those positive reviews …

The properties of this scale are:

  • saves up to 8 different user profiles
  • able to recognize a user as soon as he stands on the scales
  • Measurements up to 400 kg
  • slim design and slim profile fit perfectly into any environment
  • Touchscreen interface makes it the most user-friendly bathroom scale on the market
  • 100% EatSmart ensures satisfaction
10 top rated body fat scales

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