The 7 best table tennis bats in the test

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Would you like to improve your table tennis game or show your love for someone with a thoughtful gift? Then find out which are the best table tennis bats. Now you might be thinking: “Aren’t all clubs basically the same?”

The answer is no, BUT you’re in luck: whether you are a beginner or a seasoned amateur player, there are just a few key features you need to look at when buying a new racket, and in this article, we’re going to go over exactly what you need to know. By the end of this article, you will know the absolute best racket for you and your needs, and you will know where to buy it and what to expect from it.

NOTE TO SPEED READERS: If you just want to know which is the best ping pong racket on the market, and what we personally recommend, then this is the following Killerspin JET800.

Our TOP 3 table tennis bat

# 1. Killerspin JET800

killerspin jet800  

Top functions

  • 6.1 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • 330 g
  • 5 layers of wood & 2 layers of carbon fiber

While most table tennis tables and sets sold today come with at least two rackets, these standard rackets will do little to improve your game. Often made of cheap and simple materials, the felt may wear out on the sides after just a week of regular play, and the wood may collapse with frequent use. If you want to play like a pro in your own home or at a ping pong center near you, you need a better paddle like the Killerspin JET800 . With multiple layers of wood and an ergonomic design, it takes your game to the next level.

Product Specifications

Take a look at some of the specific extras you should know about this ping pong bat.


The Killerspin JET800 has a wooden surface made of seven different wooden layers. It also comes with two layers of a carbon material which gives you more power when you send the volleys back. You will find that you also get more spin from this racket.

Lightweight design

While other ping pong bats can weigh so much that your hand feels tired at the end of a match, this paddle has a lighter design. It’s one that you can hold on to for hours and use for multiple games without feeling tired, pain or cramps.

Approved by and for professionals

The Killerspin JET800 is one of the few table tennis bats that has been tested and approved by the International Table Tennis Association. It meets all standards and regulations for professional gaming.

More control

With a unique design that fits comfortably in your right or left hand, this table tennis bat gives you more control than ever before. The tape attached to the sides resembles real wood and also gives the paddle a better grip.

Pro / Contra with the Killerspin JET800 racket

As one of the top-rated options available, there are a lot of good things to say about the Killerspin JET800 paddle. It comes with a unique construction that contains seven layers of wood specially selected by the manufacturer for performance. You will find that your balls have more power and that you get more weight behind your swing with this racket.

The paddle also contains rubber on the outside, which can hold up better than felt with frequent games. This rubber helps you get just the right amount of spin on your ball and lets you add more pressure to keep the ball within its confines and on the table.

You will also find an ergonomic handle. Killerspin has specially developed this handle so that it lies comfortably in the hand. Even after hours of playing, you can feel comfortable and confident enough to do a few more laps. The players get even more power from this model because the dual carbon layers are added to the wood.

No matter how you play, the Killerspin JET800 paddle can improve your games.


  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Fast hitting for aggressive players
  • Excellent elasticity


  • It’s better for those who want more control than power
  • For amateurs it is a little expensive

Final judgment

It’s hard to find a lot of flaws in the Killerspin JET800 table tennis bat. Between the dual carbon and wood layers, it helps you control your swing and get more energy out of each swing. Because it has been approved by the ITTF, this is the perfect racket for use in home games and professional competition.

# 2. DHS Hurricane II

dhs hurricane 2

DHS Hurricane II stick specifications

The DHS Hurricane II offers a combination of rubber and wood. Its wooden handle sits comfortably in the hand and lets you play several games without any problems. DHS developed the racket with a longer handle, which is ideal for long games.

A rubber coating added to the surface of the paddle originated in China and is the same type of rubber used in professional paddling. The indented pad allows you to improve your serves and return swings to add spin to your shots or to help the ball bounce over the table and net.

One thing you’ll notice about the DHS Hurricane II is that it’s bigger than the clubs you’ve used in the past. This larger size helps you find the sweet spot on any table and allows you to hit the ball faster and faster to win matches.

DHS supplies a carrying case with this racket that has space inside for the paddle, two balls and other accessories. The soft padding and cutouts inside keep your gear safe between games, and the case has a zipper to keep items from falling out. The model is also suitable for home storage.

advantages / disadvantages of DHS Hurricane II

When investing in a new paddle, you need to consider both the pros and cons. One of the greatest advantages of this paddle is its construction, which is made from both Chinese rubber and wood. This combination can help you hit balls harder and win games faster against other players.

You’ll also like that it has an oversized design that will help you easily find the sweet point on your home table or any other table. The sweet spot is the perfect place to serve other balls and send them back. Its larger design is also great for keeping other players busy.

You’ll also like that it comes with a special piece of plastic that fits over the rubber. This piece of plastic protects and extends the life of the rubber and lets you play up to 75 hard core matches before you have to change the rubber. You should remove the plastic before a game and put it back in after the game.

As with other paddles, the DHS Hurricane II has some potential problems:

  • It is best for competitions and not for beginners
  • It costs more than most players want to spend

Final judgment

The DHS Hurricane II is a solid paddle that can be used by some players. It is generally best for those who play professional games. So for those who take part in competitions. This is due to the Chinese rubber coating on the racket, the comfortable wooden handle, the oversized design and the protective plastic piece over the rubber. If you spend most of your time playing against friends in your basement or hobby room, you can find cheaper rackets on the market.

# 3. Stiga Pro Carbon

stiga pro carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis-bat specifications

Looking at some of the general product specifications for this racket is a smart way to see if they really meet all of your needs.

Approval by the ITTF

This STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket is one of the few on the market with the approval of the International Table Tennis Federation. It meets all specifications and regulations for rackets that are played in professional games and all types of competition.

High performance rating

STIGA has designed this table tennis bat to meet all of your performance needs. It has a high rating of 80 for controls, 99 for speed, and an impressive 100 for spin. The racket helps you create the perfect spin you’ve always wanted without losing control.

Impressive construction

Made from lightweight wood, this is one of the best rackets for long-term play. STIGA added a unique ITTF-approved rubber to the surface, and as the rubber wears it can be easily removed and replaced. The paddle also has a thin layer of sponge material under the rubber to hit the ball harder, which gives more spin and more speed.

pros / cons from STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis bat

Heavy grip

A clear advantage of the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis bat is that it has a heavier grip than other paddles. This grip gives you a better grip on the racket and allows you to adjust the way you hit the ball to create loops and spins.

Light sheet

Despite a heavier grip, the blade of this racket is extremely light. It has seven different layers of carbon and other materials, plus rubber padding on the surface. This lightweight design lets you play longer while having less discomfort.

More control

With 80 points in control, this racket gives you more control over how to hit the ball and where that ball goes. It also has high spin and speed power which will help you add just the right amount of spin and ensure you get the right speed with every serve or counter.

Disadvantages :

Be aware that this racket has some drawbacks based on reviews from previous customers, including:

  • It works better with loops than soft shots
  • It may take you some time to feel comfortable due to the heavier grip

Final judgment

Thanks to its light blade and heavy handle, the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis bat has excellent balance, but new players can find it more difficult to adjust to this bat and use it in friendly matches. Its heavier grip and lack of support for loops makes it more suitable for home play, but it has ITTF approval for those who play in competition. While it may be a good choice for some, this racket may not provide the control or speed you need.

Four more good table tennis bats

# 4. Butterfly 401

butterfly 401

The Butterfly 401 is another entry-level model that is a great first step for players in their early stages of development. The 401 is at the lower end of the mid-range and with a rating of 8 in speed and spin and 8.5 in control, a good choice for players who want to develop a balanced game while keeping their financial stakes reasonably low.

This racket is characterized by how long it has been in use. Most players reported that the rubber coating retained its grip much longer than typical clubs at the same price, and that the blade was constructed well enough to withstand the strokes typically played in offices and hobby rooms.

What this racket lacks is its game balance. Most entry-level clubs offer much more control than the Butterfly 401. Also, the handle is smaller than average, making it a difficult racket for players with larger hands.

# 5. Killerspin Jet 600

The Killerspin Jet 600 is a mid-range racket that almost borders on an advanced level paddle. It packs comes close to clubs from the high-priced segment. This is a tournament paddle at a price accessible to a player who is still refining their game.

The 5-ply construction of the Jet 600 gives it solid strength while keeping its weight light and ensuring good control. But what about the rubber on this racket? The high grip and quality of the rubber gives it the ability to counter the spin and come back with its own spin.

The problem that many buyers of this racquet mention is that its strength and speed require some acclimatization. Additionally, the handle design tends to make even minor adjustments in your handle much more effective. Even then, the Jet 600 table tennis bat is an incredible bat and, for its price, a good choice for anyone looking for their great premium bat.

# 6. Killerspin JET200

killerspin jet200

Another great entry-level paddle is the Killerspin JET200. Similar to the Stiga Titan and Butterfly 401, this is another great choice for the player who is just starting their game. While this racket lacks the power of the Stiga Titan, its handling is a bit better.

Killerspin are a relative newcomer to table tennis equipment, but they have already built a reputation for making high quality and aggressively styled equipment at a great price. While the wood in its 5-ply reed isn’t treated in the same way as the Stiga Titan, the reed holds up well enough to play cleanly. Few players reported any problems with breaks.

One area where the Killerspin JET200 stands out is the quality of its rubber. Its rubber tends to be softer than that of its competitors, which gives this racket more control without losing a lot of spin compared to other paddles on its level. While its speed of 6 is a little slow for professional paddles, this paddle is a great choice for players who focus on controlling and improving their games.

# 7. Stiga Supreme

The Stiga Supreme is a medium weight racket and offers a super light paddle for players who want to improve their games without spending too much on an overly expensive model. This racket is ideal for reactive players who want to focus on defensive play, especially when facing players who prefer to play with power.

The Stiga Supreme is outstanding because of its six-ply blade. While most rackets are still five layers at this price point, Stiga adds tube technology to a middle layer, which significantly reduces the weight of the paddle and makes it faster to play.

If there are downsides to the Supreme, you struggle with the fact that it produces a lot of power. This limits how far back from the table players can play. This allows a quicker response. So this racket doesn’t do much for the more defensive player. Still, the combination of lighter weight makes it a great paddle for players who focus on countering and defending attacks.


wie man den besten tischtennisschlaeger auswaehlt

Whether you call it ping-pong or table tennis or just play in the basement or in a club, choosing the right racket can take your game to a higher level. But there are many options and many manufacturers out there that make it difficult to find the right paddle for you. We hope to not only show you the best clubs on the market today, but also to give you guidelines for choosing the right paddle.

There are many great ping pong bats out there, but what is important is understanding what makes the best paddle for you. Nothing is worse than spending money on something only to find that it doesn’t fit what you need. For the racket, you first need to understand your style of play and experience. Then you can understand what the differences in material and construction of the racket will make in your game.

play style

The most important factor in finding the best ping pong racket is knowing what type of player you are. If you are a beginner, you will likely need a paddle that is more suited to the street rather than a particular style as you will likely still be developing as a player. As you grow up as a player, there is also the grip, whether penhold or shakehand, and whether you are a more offensive or defensive player. In addition, many higher, high-end clubs give more power than inexperienced players can handle.

Ask others

Many experienced players recommend testing other players’ paddles when playing in a table tennis club, as there are several facets of the racket that are more about aesthetics and comfort than actual performance. In addition, the advice and experience of other players can be helpful in determining what works best for you.


tischtennis ping pong

The first of these ratings, performance, reflects not only the hardness of the material used in the blade and handle of the paddle, but also the padding used between the rubber surfaces of the paddle and blade. All sheets are laminated wood that is glued together, sometimes with a thin layer of fiberglass or carbon fiber sandwiched between the layers to provide lighter weight and less energy absorption.

Power rating is more of a measure of how much energy the paddle absorbs when firing a shot. The higher the number, the less energy the paddle absorbs and offers a much stronger return. A disadvantage of higher power ratings is that it can come at the expense of controlling shots and is therefore less preferred by players with a more defensive style. In the meantime, many offensive players are looking for paddles rated in the 9s.


There is also the control that shows how exactly the paddle hits the ball and how long the paddle holds the ball when it hits. This has more to do with the quality of the rubber, the thickness of the padding, and the direction of the prongs on the rubber surface. Usually, the more sticky the rubber, the more control you have with your shots, which allows for better placement of the returns.

Plus, a few millimeters of foam can provide a lot more control, usually at the expense of power. Finally, having the side of the paddle facing the rubber nubs gives you more grip when you hit the ball, usually at the expense of spin. Defensive players prefer high pimples, although advances in design have increased the control values ​​of all paddles.


Finally it’s about the spin. Spin again has to do with the quality and incorporation of the rubber, but it can also be improved with a lighter blade. Many players, whether offensive or defensive in their styles, will look for clubs that offer better spin as they can make shooting more difficult. With better spin clubs, the knobs of the rubber are usually facing the blade so that the ball can be hit with a smooth surface. They will also be lighter and allow you to handle the club finer. Even then, most clubs with a higher tax rate will typically have a similar spin rating.

By using these guidelines you can find the best paddle for you and understand the criteria we used in determining our key overall decisions.

The 7 best table tennis bats in the test

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