Exercise bike test: the ultimate guide to buying an exercise bike


Exercise bikes have been on the market for decades. They are a simple alternative to the gym and a simple way to shed those pesky pounds. We’ve seen them advertised on TV, the internet, and in the newspaper, but because there are so many brands and types of trim bikes, it’s not as easy as you’d expect. The fact that there is such a wide variety of them can make you feel a little overwhelmed.

The best exercise-bikes in comparison

Winner 2. Choice 3. Choice 4. Choice
mark Keizer M3i Schwinn Recumbent 270i Schwinn AD6 Airdyne FitDesk v2. 0
Product keiser-m3-plus-heimtrainer schwinn recumbent 270i liegefahrrad schwinn ad6 airdyne fitdesk fdx 2.0 schreibtisch-heimtrainer
Type Indoor Cycle Recumbent bike Upright exercise bike Desk exercise bike
resistance magnetic resistance magnetic resistance air resistance magnetic resistance
Properties Bluetooth technology, gravity -Bottle holder, Intelligent Cycling APPS 2 LCD blue backlight displays, hand pulse measurement, 25 resistance levels Training upper and lower body simultaneously , Pulse measurement Safety belt for laptop, digital resistance meter, massage bar
Price Current price Current price Current price Current price

Keizer M3i


Keizer M3

So far we’ve read about all types of exercise bikes, including the most basic, inexpensive models, as well as advanced and high-end machines that cost a small fortune. The reason we covered such a range is because we tried to put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

We wanted to not only cover the exercise bikes we found interesting, but also shed some light on equipment that others might be interested in. Not everyone wants a standard bike. However, it would be a definite understatement to just refer to the Keizer M3 as an advanced indoor exercise bike, as the bike seems to be in a league of its own. If you want to know what makes it so special, check out my review.

Why it-has-such a lead

The first question, of course, would be, “Why is this piece so special?” Sure, its looks are the first things you’ll notice. We have to admit, this is the best spinning bike we’ve come across. When we look at it, we get the impression that it was made from a single block of aluminum. Stable, robust, almost bulletproof. We could talk about the brushed aluminum textures and sleek lines all day, but let’s get on with the whole test thing here, that’s why you’re here.

To understand why the Keizer M3 is better than other slingshots, we need to tell you more about the characteristics of the fitness equipment. The reason it’s so expensive is because it’s designed to last a lifetime with little or no maintenance. After all, they spent 10 years perfecting the design before it finally hit the market. In contrast to other exercise bikes, whose individual parts suffer a lot of wear and tear and have to be replaced again and again, the M3 exercise bike does not need any of these, which saves a lot of money in the long term

If you are interested in weight loss, you will become a spinning bike like the Keizer M3 rarely seen with such remarkable resistance and tension. Depending on your commitment and stamina, you can burn up to 1000 calories per day with this indoor bike. While it’s incredibly well made and has high-end features that will be appreciated by the pros, we mere mortals will love it too, if we can afford it.

features and comfort

The Keizer M3 Plus weighs 63.5 kg and its maximum load weight is 136 kg. Because the bike is so heavy, transport bikes are an absolute necessity, and of course they are included. Both the seat and the handlebars are adjustable so that you can find a training position that you feel comfortable with.

The foam-padded seat is moderately firm and very wide. Some of you may find it too far. It’s not the most comfortable seat on the market, but it’s not the worst either. As for the noise, the only noise you will hear is from the drive belt on the rear pulley, which is barely noticeable.

The LCD screen is your usual screen and only shows the most basic information like number of calories burned, speed and distance. Honestly, considering the retail price of this baby, we expected a lot more. Since this indoor cycling bike has magnetic resistance, we see no reason why the manufacturer couldn’t provide us with preset training programs. Of course it’s a stationary bike and not a commercial exercise bike, and once you’ve used it and sweat, you won’t care about the statistics, but we still want more for our money, and we’re sure you do too / p>

Magnetic resistance

Magnetic resistance is extremely rare on an indoor bike, which makes the M3 quite unique. The sleek 24-speed Magnetic Resistance with realistic movement will definitely challenge any part of the body while making it feel like riding a regular bike outdoors. You will definitely burn some calories off, either by pushing yourself to your limits or just riding at a moderate pace.

The best part is the extremely quiet operation of its magnetic resistance system. We won’t go into technical details here, but you can just use this bike at home without disturbing the rest of the family, even if it’s in the middle of the living room!


The Keizer M3 ergometer is expensive, but what you get for your money is first-class quality, unparalleled reliability, slim design and many features that make your training more efficient. There is no doubt that it is one of the best indoor cycling bikes, but its price will make it priceless to some people.

Best results ever for a recumbent

Schwinn Recumbent 270i recumbent bike

schwinn recumbent 270i liegefahrrad

Schwinn Recumbent 270i

Sometimes you don’t have to be an expert to know that you’ve come across something special. You just feel it. But when you’re spending a large portion of your hard-earned money on an expensive exercise bike, you can’t just rely on a feeling. You’ll need to do your own personal underwriting and spend some time researching this topic.

As you probably already know, Schwinn became a well-known brand with its traditional outdoor bikes. Everything indicates that they are paying the same attention to the indoor bikes. Let’s see what your newest recumbent bike, the Schwinn 270, has in store for us.


When purchasing a recumbent bike, there is no doubt that comfort is one of the most important factors that most users consider. Many people choose a recumbent bike because they have back pain. They want to stay in shape, but they want to keep their backs away from any kind of pressure or exertion. The Schwinn 270 seems to understand these needs as the model offers improved lower back support and a padded seat for that added comfort.

The seat can be adjusted for different postures. This is very helpful if more than one person wants to use the recumbent bike. Thanks to the ventilated back, it goes without saying that you get some cool air when you pedal. Switch on the integrated fan and you will never again interrupt the exercise because of overheating, even though the 3-speed fan is not particularly powerful.


For a model that fits in the middle of the price range rather than being at the top, it’s pretty impressive that it has 29 programs of tests, heart rate monitors, and user profiles. The total of 25 resistance levels is equally impressive, taking you from the lighter workouts to the heavier ones with the simple push of a button. Since the device is completely digital, you don’t have to worry about how to use the rotary controls for the desired setting.

DualTrack technology

Just like the Schwinn 170, this recumbent bike uses the same type of monitor that shows 13 statistical parameters divided into two columns: one with the results of the current training session and the other with the progress of the training goal. The results include the total distance, speed, calories, intensity, heart rate and much more. It’s a great way to motivate yourself and see how far you’ve come with your training goal.

If you are particularly interested in the data and statistics, you can transfer all the information to a USB drive by connecting to either MyFitnessPal or SchwinnConnect. Since the LCD doesn’t use batteries, but is plugged into the wall, you don’t have to worry about your display becoming darkened and unreadable as soon as the batteries are empty.


There is a water bottle holder and acoustic room speakers so you can take a break without getting off the recumbent bike. Of course, the bike has transport wheels so that you can move it more easily. The grip heart rate monitor is a nice feature because you can check your heart rate in seconds by holding the grip with your hand. If you prefer to ride hands-free, you can use a chest strap with this bike. However, you have to buy it separately. This is particularly interesting for people who have heart problems or who simply want to stay in the target zone.


The Schwinn Recumbent 270i exercise bike is damn close to being the best recumbent bike and it is the model that I can recommend to everyone. In fact, we’ve called it the best recumbent bike. If you decide to make it your exercise bike, you will absolutely love it.

Best full-body exercise bike

Schwinn AD6 Airdyneschwinn ad6 airdyne

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne

Wind in your hair on an exercise bike? Yes please!

Go for exercise bikes and save a lot of time and also save yourself the trouble of going to the gym. You can enjoy an intense cardio workout in your own bedroom, and once you’re done, you can simply put the trim wheel in a closet so it doesn’t get in your way. But choosing the right one is easier said than done. After looking at over a hundred different models, we have a pretty good idea of ​​which one might be worthwhile, and the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne trim wheel definitely falls into that category.


The best part about having a fan is the unlimited resistance you can get by simply pedaling harder. Also on the plus side, the harder you kick, the fresher it gets. This type of resistance is also very quiet, which means that watching TV or listening to music while cycling is no longer impossible things for you. At top speeds it gets louder, but not as annoying.

The special thing about the AD6 Airdyne ergometer is that it offers you a whole body workout. Unlike most exercise bikes, which only focus on your lower body, this one also affects your upper body. We can only agree with this approach. There are some problems with this, however, because once you achieve a reasonably high level of resistance, your legs will be guided through each aisle, which is the ultimate goal, but you will not be able to keep up with the resistance that applies to your upper body.

control console and display

Although Schwinn improved the computer by adding a RevMeter RPM meter for better statistics as well as statistics on calories, distance and speed, the LCD is a bit too dark, which sometimes makes the numbers displayed difficult to read.

Comfort and ergonomics

While the seat is reasonably comfortable for an upright bike, after a while you will begin to feel numb, so you may not be able to exercise as much as you want in a single session. Yet it is nothing that cannot be solved with the help of a pillow or a soft seat cover. The pedals have foot straps that can be easily adjusted to your feet.

Something we found very useful is the built-in bottle holder that is placed right in front of the display. This way you can continue pedaling without stopping to have a drink and cool off. And although the exercise bike does not offer any other gimmicks such as an MP3 connection, you can buy such accessories at Schwinn.


All in all, the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne trim wheel is an extremely well built bike and the fact that you can use it on both your upper body and lower body is a huge plus as this feature makes it one of the very best Exercise bike of its kind. By engaging your whole body, you will lose weight much easier. It has four settings for increased stability. So you don’t have to be afraid that it will collapse under you.

To be honest, it’s not the cheapest bike available, but it makes up for the price in quality.

Versatile exercise bike

FitDesk FDX 2.0 desk exercise bike

fitdesk fdx 2.0 schreibtisch-heimtrainer

FitDesk FDX 2.0

Who says you can’t exercise while sitting?

We’re pretty picky when it comes to comfort. Whatever the price, whatever the recommendations, if something doesn’t feel right, it won’t be on my wish list.

The need for comfort is something we have to deal with on a daily basis because our job is to sit in front of the laptop for hours. But our last find, the FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk exercise bike with massage table, changed everything.

The words “stationary exercise bike”, “comfort” and “laptop support” are not often found in the same sentence, but with the FitDesk FDX 2 the sentence actually makes sense. Let’s take a look at this weird looking and unique exercise bike and see what it’s all about.

Unique design

Raise your hand if you know another exercise bike with a sliding desk platform. You do not do? I agree. The FitDesk 2.0 not only offers an adjustable 16 “x 19” desk surface for your laptop, but it’s also light, and if that wasn’t practical enough for you, I don’t know. In addition to exercising your body, you can schedule meetings, surf the Internet or chat with friends without getting off the exercise bike.

It’s the perfect solution for those who don’t have the time to take their eyes off the screen but still want to do something for their overall health and fitness. According to research, prolonged sitting can have a negative effect on the body, which is why the FitDesk FDX makes even more sense.

Magnetic resistance

To get the most out of your training, you can choose between 8 different resistance levels with a simple rotary knob. And because it uses magnetic resistance, it’s extremely quiet and smooth, which means it doesn’t distract you from your work.

If you want to put your laptop aside for a couple of hours, the upper body resistance bands will ensure you get a proper full body cardio workout.


How often do you have the chance to say that you are training everything at the same time? If you want to rest a bit, you can lean back on the beach cross seat or use the massage rollers for your forearms so that you can relax for the next round.

In fact, thanks to the backrest and the extender, the FDX is also a semi-recumbent bike. Since you can adjust the seat as you like, you can easily get a correct fit if your height is between 150 cm and 186 cm. The recommended maximum weight according to the manufacturer is 113 kilograms.

You know that moment when you are so focused that you can hear your thoughts, and then even the slightest note can ruin your concentration? Well, with the FitDesk 2.0 exercise bike you no longer have a problem with that either. It’s whisper-quiet, which means you’ll be able to do any type of activity without a break.


Since they designed a stationary exercise bike to support a laptop, they went a step further and added a drawer for small items. This makes the FDX 2 very practical because you have everything you need without having to get off your bike. The drawer can safely store cell phones, music players, earplugs, pens, notepads, and any other small office item you can imagine.


To our surprise, we struggled to find one negative aspect of this FitDesk FDX 2.0 exercise bike. It’s one of those rare occasions when something is almost too good to be true, but it actually isn’t. If we’re picky, the easy-to-read digital ohmmeter that measures time, calories, and mileage isn’t that easy to read, mostly because it’s placed behind the stand (which means you won’t see the monitor, it unless you fold your laptop).

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The ultimate-guide-to-buying-an exercise-bike

Little did we know when we began our exercise bike research that we would spend so much time figuring out which type had the best resistance or the most stable frame. To be honest, we were pretty ignorant about this and thought that if you want to lose calories, any device will help.

Usually the cheaper ones have basic features like a configurable training resistance and a few programming options. Mid-range devices are better built, make less noise, and feel more solid. As far as the high-end devices are concerned, you can expect advanced features such as a more precise and detailed computer, preset training programs, user profiles, longer warranty and multiple resistance levels.

Reality check: How advanced do you need your exercise bike?


Before you buy an exercise bike, you need to find out what your training goals are. Also think about how often you will use it and how hard you want to exert yourself. Many times people overestimate their abilities thinking that they will be able to keep up with the training plan that was previously set. This leads them to buy the most expensive spinning bike, like the one pictured on the right or the Keizer M3i for example, only to then realize that they are not reaching their full potential.

Once you are able to make realistic judgments about the use of the device, you will find it easier to choose the right device that meets your training goals.

Must-have functions

No matter how much money you want to spend on an exercise bike or which model you are interested in, every training device must have at least a few basic functions. You will have to look for a trim bike with different levels of resistance, and the seat should be comfortable enough because you will be spending a fair amount of time on it. Unless you’re average height, look for seats that can be adjusted accordingly.

However, if you mainly want to buy a bike that doesn’t have the best saddle, you can always buy an additional seat cover with gel or padding.

Comfort must be a priority, regardless of budget. Not only do pedals have to be wide enough, they also have to have some kind of bracket so that your feet don’t slip while pedaling. The built-in computer must also display basic statistics such as speed, time and the number of calories burned. While heart rate is the most important thing you need to know, you could still easily buy a separate device for it.

Optional accessories

If there are several stationary trim bikes you fancy checking out for extras that set them apart and help you make up your mind. For example, bikes like the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne have built-in fans that, in addition to providing drag, help you cool down. If you can’t exercise without your favorite music, devices like the Schwinn 270 Recumbent have built-in acoustic sound systems that allow you to play your music out loud.

Another feature to consider is the water bottle holder – it doesn’t seem that important at first, but it definitely helps if the bike has one as you don’t have to pause your workout to something to drink. Other features you might want are a remote control built into the Exerpeutic Upright folding bike, or a magazine rack like the FitDesk FDX 2.0.

Check the weight-limit and the weight


Stability is one of the most important aspects of training because the last thing you want is to hurt yourself while cycling. If the trim wheel wobbles then you can just forget about it. Of course, some of you want to buy the equipment online. In this case, to see how stable the bike is, just check the weight information.

The more it weighs, the more stable it will be. Small transport wheels must be integrated for heavy bikes, otherwise it will be difficult to move the machine from one place to another. And last but not least, make sure that your weight does not exceed the maximum supported weight, otherwise you could put your safety at risk.

excessive noise

While this is not a problem for everyone, keep in mind that some are quieter than others due to the resistance of the bikes. Fan bikes tend to be louder because of drag – the harder you pedal, the stronger the wind and the louder the noise. Most exercise bikes do not make an unbearable sound, but if you want to listen to music or watch TV while exercising, for example, the noise could bother you.

Closed-mechanics for safety

If you live in a household with young children, you need to pay attention to how the exercise bike was built. Statistics show that thousands of children are injured from using exercise equipment every year. To avoid this, make sure that the mechanics of the wheel (such as the chain and flywheel) are covered so that children cannot accidentally insert their fingers or other body parts into them.

We have done our best to cover all of the important aspects that should be considered when purchasing an exercise bike. Before spending any money on one, think carefully about how you would use it. There’s an exercise bike for everyone, from professionals to regular users – all you have to do is find the right one for you!

Exercise bike test: the ultimate guide to buying an exercise bike

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