Stepper test: the best mini steppers in comparison

welche art von training kann dir ein mini stepper liefern

Evaluation of the best mini-stepper

If you read this review for mini steppers you will know all about the benefits of this workout! Since outdoor activities are impractical for many and the full-size stepper machines are too big and too expensive, many people are looking for the best mini stepper.

A stepper machine simulates climbing stairs as an exercise and it is a great way to do cardio exercises while also toning your legs. The Mini Stepper is the miniature version that you can take with you to the office, so that you can burn up to 100 calories per hour while you work at your desk!

Product overview

STEXH Stepper with Power Ropes: This is compact and well built, and it can help you do cardio exercises and lose weight. You can’t really use it while sitting.

Skandika Sit-Fit Mini Stepper Elliptical Bike: This is expressly intended for users who stand up or sit down when using this stepper. The angle of the pedals and the display can be adjusted to the sitting and standing mode.

GX&XD Mini Ellipse multifunctional stepper: Yes, the device is extremely expensive. But it’s the toughest, most versatile of them all, and it will last for years.

Sportstech 2 in1 Twister Stepper: The special “twist” of this mini-stopper is the use of resistance bands, which also allow a rotary movement. However, it can be a bit noisy, especially in residential buildings and with “sensitive” neighbors.

Air Climber Express: The device is easy to use and strong enough to handle 130 kg. However, the air creates a noise that could irritate your colleagues or your boss!

Comparison of the best mini-stepper

# 1. STEXH stepper with power ropes

stexh mini stepper mit power ropes besten mini stepper

This is one of the most purchased models of mini steppers for cardio on the market today. It has pretty much all of the basic features and functions a mini stepper needs. You just step on and get the cardio workout you need. The device has a display. It monitors the steps you take per minute and throughout your workout, the total time and the number of calories you have burned with it. This stepper measures only 42 x 36 x 23 cm and weighs about 7 kg. The device is robust and it is designed for up to approx. 200 kg.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the device:

  • Using it in the office is not a problem because of its ease.
  • It’s pretty affordable too.
  • great burden
  • Newbies may have to hold on to the tabletop before they can freely use the device.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot use it effectively while sitting.

# 2. Skandika Sit-Fit Mini Stepper Elliptical-Bike

skandika sit-fit

This is a pretty sturdy mini-stepper, but it has some pretty unique features. The main advantage is that it is specially designed for the sitting mode. This is because the pedal is adjustable so that it can pick up different angles while sitting. So when you work at your desk, you can use the sitting mode and burn some calories.

The display offers 4 functions. It can show you how long you’ve been using it, how much you’ve traveled, how fast you go, and how many calories you’ve burned. The clock face also rotates so that you can read it, whether sitting or standing.

Here are the advantages of the device:

  • It has a handle for easier transport.
  • It has front rollers so you can move it faster.
  • There are 8 manually adjustable resistance levels
  • You can use the voltage regulator to adjust the resistance.

Here are the disadvantages of the device:

  • It’s a bit bulky at 60 x 51 x 31 cm.
  • It’s also quite heavy at 14 kg. This is 6 kg heavier than some other models.
  • Some devices can make squeaking noises and sometimes it is the wheels on which the pedals move. But the problem can be solved by oiling the device.

# 3. GX&XD Mini Ellipse multifunction – Best quality mini stepper

stepper-maschine ellipse multifunktion

You could afford an expensive stepper, but just want something small so you can take it with you everywhere? If that’s the case, then the GX&XD Mini-Stepper is just the thing.

With GX&XD you can’t just climb steps – the machine can do a lot more. In fact, some people use this stepper for dance practice and for other workouts because the resistance can be adjusted. It’s even designed so that you can simulate sprints for 60 seconds. This device is a beauty and the polished look promises terrific performance.

It works as described, we were able to find all functions immediately. Some commercial gyms also use this device. With this machine you can do spinning exercises, CrossFit, and even high-intensity interval training. It won’t tip over and it will withstand anything.

This device is tough and useful as well as it ö n is. Here are a few more facts:

  • It supports your weight up to 180kg.
  • A cast aircraft alloy was used in the construction. It’s tough but it’s portable because it only weighs 6.3kg.
  • It creates almost no noise.

If you use it for too long in one session, it could squeak. However, this can easily be solved by oiling it.

# 4. Sportstech 2 in1 Twister Stepper

sportstech 2 in1 twister stepper

Sportstech 2 in1 Twister Stepper is a pretty well known brand in the mini stepper industry and the model is an upgrade of the previous Twist stepper. This model is more compact and the delivery also comes with the necessary resistance bands. With the footplates and the straps you can do the twisting movements that can tone your thighs and glutes.

You can move from side to side and from top to bottom. There is also a meter display in the middle at the top of the footplate. It shows you various information about the training time, the number of your steps, the number of steps per minute and the number of calories you have burned.

Here are the advantages of the device:

  • You can adjust the resistance very easily. There is a button on the bottom that you turn to get more tension.
  • High-performance steel is used for the construction.
  • The large foot plates are equipped with a non-slip surface.
  • It’s easy to set up when you get it. It is basically pre-assembled.
  • It’s really affordable.

Here is a list of the disadvantages:

  • To take full advantage of the device, you must stand on it while your hands are busy with the resistance bands.
  • It is possible that the vibrations generated by the mini stepper could disturb your neighbors. It’s not very strong, but to be sure you might want to use it on a carpet.
  • Balancing on this stepper, especially for older users, can be difficult.

# 5. Air Climber Express

stepper air climber

This mini stepper model first appeared more than 8 years ago. The quality wasn’t too good, but quality control has improved over the years. With this mini stepper machine you can burn endurance and calories without taking up as much space as with a full stepper machine.

The application is very simple. You step on the big pedals and the air resistance behaves as if you were climbing stairs. You can use the rotary knob to adjust the air resistance so that you can challenge yourself more and burn more calories. There is also a digital display that counts the number of steps. However, batteries are required for this.

It’s easy to use, but that’s not the only good reason:

  • 3 DVDs are included so that you know how to use it properly.
  • The pedals are large and have a grippy surface
  • The quality is pretty good and it won’t overheat if used too much like the other cheap machines.
  • The device can be loaded up to 130kg.
  • It’s very small and light, so it’s easy to carry. You can also use it in small spaces.

The following points could be improved:

  • It’s a little loud at first. People around you may need some time to get used to this sound.
  • It wasn’t entirely clear if the mini stepper came with a resistor cable. This is not the case.
  • The grippy surface of the stepped pedal may not be suitable for some users who prefer to train barefoot.

Mini-steppers-purchase FAQs

Here are some questions that are often asked before buying a mini stepper.

warum sollte ich mir einen mini stepper kaufen

Why should I get one Mini stepper buy?

There are several good reasons to buy a mini stepper.

  • You can burn calories with it.
  • With some mini stepper models, you can even train while you are sitting at your desk.
  • A mini-stepper simulates climbing stairs without stairs.
  • A mini stepper is smaller and lighter than a full-size stepper, so storage, portability and space requirements are easier.

How many calories are burned on a mini stair stepper?

According to the Health Status calorie counter, an average person who weighs about 70kg burns about 120 calories after 15 minutes of training on a stepper. To increase the intensity and burn more calories, you can wear a vest with weights or a weight on your wrist or ankle while exercising.

How to choose the best mini-stepper for you?

A mini stepper can be a great workout without taking up a lot of space in your home. Some machines offer many additional options that can make your workout unique, depending on which machine you choose. You can change your routine every time, building up your resistance so that you get stronger and tighter as you lose more weight.

By purchasing additional items that tailor your mini stepper experience to your needs, such as the use of resistance bands or kettlebells if you want it to be a little more demanding after a while.

Mini steppers have been around for a long time, but they have become increasingly popular lately because people have realized that they can be used while sitting. You can burn calories while sitting at your desk.

This has made the sedentary lifestyle that many are forced to live when doing a “desk job” a little easier to manage. Especially when it gets a little tiring just sitting there all day and your feet literally have nothing to do.

Why don’t you burn some calories instead? Of course, you burn more and get more out of your workout if you use the stepper while standing. So you just pull it out from under your desk during your breaks and spend 5 or 10 minutes doing a real workout. It’s that simple.

You can’t just use your stepper training device at work. The machines are so small and portable. You can also use it at home in front of the TV while you watch your favorite program.

Before you look around, after half an hour or an hour of training you have burned a lot of calories and have taken the first step towards building muscle and improving your general health.

Below are instructions on what to look for when buying a mini stepper. I followed this guide when looking for one. I found 7 really good devices that I have listed above. I think that in this list you will find a device that perfectly fits your needs.

Here we go, yes?

What kind of training can deliver you a mini stepper ?

welche art von training kann dir ein mini stepper liefern

A mini-stepper is designed to mimic the effects of climbing stairs. We all know that it is much better for us to take the stairs than the elevator. So why not just climb stairs when you’re at home or in the office, right?

Depending on how fast you are walking and the resistance with which you set the device (if your device has this option), you can expect different results. A slower speed with more resistance increases muscle strength, while a lower resistance but a faster pace allows more cardio exercise.

It is important that you vary your training from day to day so that you get a variety of results. You might even want to try interval training, where you do short bursts of speed and then slow down for a few minutes and then speed up again.

It is recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services that everyone get at least 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise each day, and a mini-stepper will help you with this. If you live in an area where you may not be able to do this exercise outdoors, e.g. B. where it snows, gets windy or rains a lot, then a mini stepper is very suitable.

Or you just want to invest in a mini stepper and use it at home often instead of paying a monthly membership fee to a gym just to use a few pieces of equipment.


  • Leg strengthening
  • A strong workout of the glutes.
  • Muscle building
  • Improved the immune system
  • Weight loss over time
  • A positive boost for heart and lung health

What types of mini-steppers are there ?

There are three types of steppers.

Traditional steppers that just go up and down and mimic the stair climbing action pretty closely.

Elliptical steppers that have more of a circular movement, similar to what you would find on an elliptical trainer with the arm movements and full rotation of the legs, except that here only a slight rotation of your feet in a step movement as possible, there is no arm movement .

Mini elliptical steppers that give more of the rotation but are still smaller than a real cross trainer because you only use your feet.

The type you choose yourself depends on a few factors. If you don’t have a lot of balance, you may want to stick to the standard up and down movement of a normal mini-stepper. This type of stepper is also perfect for those who want to do other exercises with their hands, such as: B. Dumbbells while using the stepper.

The elliptical trainers and mini elliptical trainers are ideal for people who can use them either sitting or standing, or who can only use the machine while standing. If you don’t have a lot of coordination or bad balance, this type of machine can be a little tricky. You have to make sure that all the features that you need are preserved. If you can add some features and still stay within your budget, so much the better!

Stepper test: the best mini steppers in comparison

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